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We at PechaKucha Night Burlington are delighted you are interested in being a presenter at an upcoming event! We can’t wait to see what you have in mind.

PKN is a visual storytelling event that celebrates the creative power and diversity of our community here in Burlington, across Vermont, and beyond. We often receive more presenter applications than we have room for in the coming event. The coordinating group tries to curate each event to bring audiences a diversity of fields, ideas, people, and places, all to celebrate creativity, curiosity, and community.

As we try for that perfect balance, we don’t always have room for every presenter in the upcoming show, so we may be in touch about a later date. Regardless, you will hear from us as we review the proposals in the mix.

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Keep it to one or two sentences. Example: “I am a content marketing professional at UVM and enjoy taking photos of garden gnomes.”
This doesn’t need to be final, but it should be reflective. Examples: “Photographing Ice.” “Where Did My Passion For Community Come From?”
Example: “My presentation will share the experience of participating in the Vermont Master Naturalist program in the 2022 class where I had a deep immersion in the natural communities of the Burlington area. I will talk about the ways the experienced changed my way of looking at our natural and human-made environment profoundly.”
Example: “I took pictures throughout the program I’m describing. I will use a combination of my own photos from the program and photos I have permission to use from other photographers. They will illustrate the places and natural phenomena I am using as examples throughout the oral presentation.”
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